About Velvadeer


Velvadeer was born from an adventurous dream: to create handmade jewelry, using organic material to reveal a simple, edgy elegance.

Velvadeer creates tactile pieces, to remind you of the raw beauty of nature.* Unlike cast jewelry, all wild elements are entirely organic and remain whole, below their copper coatings. 

In her home studio, Founder & Jeweler, Kelly Fitzpatrick transforms found and foraged materials into small works of art. Her practice is an ongoing exploration that weaves untamed wildness with delicate style. With a background in graphic design, Fitzpatrick pours her spirit of exploration into each piece. Rooted in the landscape, Velvadeer jewelry is entirely unique.

All Velvadeer pieces are handmade, one of a kind, and produced in small batches.  

*All organic material is harvested with the utmost respect for the existing landscape and landowner.


Handmade in Milwaukee