Jewelry Care

Each Velvadeer piece is made by hand and coated in copper. Unlike cast jewelry, these electroformed wild elements are entirely organic and remain whole, below their copper coatings.

It is natural for the copper to oxidize and tarnish (change color) over time when exposed to body oils, oxygen, heat, and moisture. While we encourage you to embrace the living finish of your piece, you can polish the copper back to it’s original shine by rubbing it gently with fine grade steel wool. We also suggest taking your jewelry off before washing hands, doing dishes, swimming, applying lotion, sleeping, etc. We recommend storing your piece in an anti-tarnish pouch or an air tight container.

While Velvadeer pieces are fairly sturdy they are not solid metal and should be enjoyed with care.



Copper has antimicrobial properties and kills bacteria and viruses on contact. It can sometimes, but not always, leave a greenish mark on the skin. This is just the copper reacting naturally with your skin, or something on your skin like lotion or sweat, creating little copper crystals. No need to worry if this happens. The mark is not permanent and can be washed off or it will disappear on it’s own after a few hours.

With minimal care your piece should age gracefully with you and last for generations.